H S Marine

Harbour and Sailing Service

       Let us introduce to you "H.S. MARINE CO., LTD." Crewing and Ship Management Company. A Korean Agency with Headquarters in Busan, which operate under the permission of the Government of S-Korea and licensed. 

      We guaranty the high quality of work done by our specialists. Personnel properly certified by the State Authorities, for management quality standard and internal audit. All staff members have prior experience and passion in crew recruiting business, in various Korean agencies. 

       In addition, for the needs of Indonesian Crew, we open our branch in Jakarta, Indonesia, which also already certified for MLC 2006 section 4.1 for better and more reliable selection of our Seafarers, together with the finest communication with us.  H.S. MARINE branch is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, the prime location for marine human resources and one of the biggest ports in Indonesia.

       Now our client are the well known Ship-Owners / Vessel Management in South Korea, total fleet more than 100 vessels, in their management, we are fully experience and passion on this bussiness.